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Save the date – AHK Business trip – Energy efficiency in the industry incl. Self-supply with renewable energies in China (Shanghai)

From 26 to 29 November 2018, an AHK business trip will be held on the subject of energy efficiency in industry incl. Self-supply with renewable energies in China (Shanghai). An interesting opportunity to exchange experiences and establish contacts with Chinese companies. More details can be found here: (Details are only available in German Language) [...]

2018-10-19T08:30:06+02:0018. October 2018|

International contacts on the routes of the new Silk Road – IAIT at the 59th Entrepreneur Breakfast of Weserbergland AG

On 18.9.2018, Thomas Nolting, Managing Director of IAIT GmbH, informed 50 local participants and entrepreneurs about the opportunities and possibilities that will arise in future for German companies as a result of the expansion of the New Silk Road. Beside this presentation, the IAIT hosted the 59th Business Breakfast of the WeserberglandAG, [...]

2018-10-08T10:49:10+02:0019. September 2018|

Presse Articles from China Chengdu Event 19/20 July 2018 强强联手 中德工业在成都展开深度融合 - 成都 - 无限成都 市委十三届三次全会提出:要面向全球构建高质量开放型经济体系,要大力实施高质量现代化产业体系建设改革攻坚计划,坚持用国际化视角考量发展,着力提升全球化资源要素配置能力。今天,由德国先进工业科技研究院IAIT和德国联邦采购物流协会BME主办的“中德工业4.0暨全球采购大会”在中德成都中小企业合作区举行。这是该会议首次在我国西部地区举办。来自德国的40多家先进制造业企业和中国西部地区300余家优质企业在此交流碰撞,寻找合作机会。 成都蒲江:中德工业4.0暨全球采购大会成功举行 7月19日,中德工业4.0暨全球采购大会在中德中小企业合作区举行,吸引到德国弗劳恩霍夫研究院、InnoEU欧洲创新平台、空中客车集团等40多家欧洲机构和来自中国西部地区300余家优质企业参加。 中德工业4.0暨全球采购大会在蒲江召开_区域新闻_新闻首页_成都全搜索 中德(成都)中小企业合作区。BME中国为其德国会员在中国提供各项帮助,包括帮助德国企业和政府机构等在中国进行采购,定期举办采购大会、供应商采购人员对接会等活动,帮助其会员提供采购支持和供应商筛选认证,帮助会员在中国制定战略、生产工厂选址、销售对接等。 德工业4.0暨全球采购大会在蒲江召开_区域新闻_新闻首页_成都全搜索 中德(成都)中小企业合作区。BME中国为其德国会员在中国提供各项帮助,包括帮助德国企业和政府机构等在中国进行采购,定期举办采购大会、供应商采购人员对接会等活动,帮助其会员提供采购支持和供应商筛选认证,帮助会员在中国制定战略、生产工厂选址、销售对接等。  

2018-08-06T13:50:29+02:0006. August 2018|

Sino-German Procurement 4.0 Summit Chengdu, 19/20 July 2018

The conference was hosted by the Institute for Automation and Industry Technology GmbH (IAIT), together with the Association Materials Management, Procurement and Logistics (BME), co-organized by Chengdu Municipal Commission of Economy and Information Technology, Chengdu Municipal Commission of Commerce, Chengdu Investment Promotion Commission, Chengdu Municipal Bureau of Exposition, Pujiang County Government, and supported by [...]

2018-08-03T14:31:04+02:0003. August 2018|

Entrepreneur’s Breakfast on June 14, 2018 with a CeBIT tour

"Experience the highlights of CeBIT on a guided tour" After the opening by IAIT Managing Director Thomas Nolting and the Executive Board of Weserbergland AG, Thomas Kexel, we start with a breakfast in the Technology Academy exhibition and pitch with Teamdb CEO Ulrich Seiboth a look at the main topics of the [...]

2018-06-01T08:48:50+02:0030. May 2018|

Logistics Fight Club of CeMAT

"How is logistics perceived in Germany and China?" This was one of the issues discussed at the Logistics Fight Club moderated by Olaf Krause, Logiline Hannover GmbH, during the CeMAT 2018. Thomas Nolting, Managing Director IAIT, and Wei Wei from the LogisticsNetwork Consultans agreed: "Cooperation is no longer a free choice for world trade, [...]

2018-05-16T11:55:20+02:0027. April 2018|

City, Country, River in China

During CeMAT 2018 IAIT was a guest in the KEP Lounge The Kurier, Express and Post Lounge, KEP Lounge for short, is an exclusive business format that invites you to a personal exchange on logistics in connection with other interesting topics. Guest of honor at the event on April 26, 2018 was Dr. Ing. [...]

2018-05-09T13:34:29+02:0026. April 2018|

Exports and Direct Investment in China?

About opportunities and risks of the "Made in China 2025" strategy discussed within the OWC 100 FORUM - Questions on export and direct investment in China Thomas Nolting of the Institute for Automation and Industrial Technology GmbH (IAIT), Dr. Diana Kisro-Warnecke, Founder and Managing Director of the consulting firm Dr. K & K ChinaConsulting [...]

2018-05-09T10:29:36+02:0025. April 2018|
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