IAIT – efficient technology transfer between China and Germany

The Institute for Automation and Industrial Technology (IAIT) sees itself as a platform for a technology transfer between Chinese and German companies. In the role of a catalyst, the focus is on networking in order to develop a business development in a mutual interest from a first contact.

Technologies such as industry 4.0/IoT and the networking of manufacturing, machinery and methods form the basis for transfer projects from which stakeholders benefit. Through technology monitoring, delegations, events and educational initiatives, regional contacts can be consolidated to form reliable networks and alliances, resulting in mutual market advantages. Reliable contact management in the value chain allows for sustainable business models and, ultimately, the creation of innovation that creates partnerships.

IAIT’s promotional spaces are aimed at industrial cooperation, technology partnerships, as well as the networking of institutions, associations, educational institutions of all kinds, media, government agencies and capital partners.

IAIT – Institut für Automatisierung und Industrie Technologie GmbH, Bayernstraße 10, 30855 Langenhagen

IAIT – Institute for Automation and Industrial Technology

Room 508, Building A, No. 169, Shengxia Road, Zhangjiang Hi-tech Park, Shanghai, China, 201203