Approaches and methods to accompany and manifest technological content in the target groups.

Potentials of a technology transfer

Specific-Focused Transfer Projects

In the sense of a technological and methodical further development, practice-oriented projects are used, to transfer knowledge and competence, which are developed and manifested over an agreed period of time. Depending on the problem, experts and specialists can be found, who define the necessary networking and define methods to reach the project goal in a sustainable manner.


To extend international relations to complementary technology networks, delegations serve as the basis for the MatchMaking. Such events offer the ideal starting point for market understanding and business development. Targeted sector-specific and technology-related meetings dismantle barriers, create perspectives and prepare projects, intensify contacts and exchange of experience, and initiate a market closure.


Successful cooperations are milestones for partnerships. As a trailblazer for innovation and exchange programs, cooperation results nurture trusting coexistence and pave the way for further constellations that accompany and manifest cooperation in the international market.

Education initiatives

Access to technical and scientific potential is easier under appropriate educational aspects. If appropriate offers are available for teaching events and educational measures, the targeted transfer of knowledge under the guidance of industry, institutions and universities or schools is no longer an obstacle. An education bridge between countries and companies facilitates the international transfer of technology, especially for socio-social aspects.

Events, congresses and symposia

When cooperations of events are accompanied, networking and communication are the way to go. Participants are thus actively involved in the transfer of the subject and other stakeholders are offered the explosives nature of this topic neutrally and publicly. A well-founded presentation by means of methods and formats underlines the willingness to share and discuss content. In addition, joint appearances at trade fairs facilitate the partners’ intention to communicate and present content.